Sprint 3G network selects Sierra Wireless AirLink gateway

Sierra Wireless announced that the AirLink GX400
multipurpose wireless gateway is now available for use on the nationwide Sprint
3G network.


Designed for versatility and powered by ALEOS embedded
intelligence, the AirLink GX400 offers more than 100 configuration options and
has a variety of hardware interfaces to suit a wide range of transportation,
industrial machine-to-machine (M2M), and enterprise applications.


This range of software and hardware configuration options
allows system integrators to standardize on a single gateway platform to serve
the needs of all of their customers. The AirLink GX400 gateway makes deploying
cellular M2M solutions faster, easier, and less expensive for product and
application developers, system integrators, service providers, and end users.


Sprint’s open approach to expanding the M2M
ecosystem, flexible and robust networks, and proven ability to execute
solutions helps partners and customers benefit from M2M opportunities.


We are focused on streamlining the process of deploying
M2M solutions, and providing an extensive M2M ecosystem to provide our
customers with a broad selection of applications and expertise to support their
specific objectives. Partners like Sierra Wireless are significant contributors
to this M2M ecosystem, helping us ensure we can meet a wide range of vertical
market needs,” said Wayne Ward, vice president of emerging solutions,


Several new features make the AirLink GX400 gateway stand
out. Processing power has been increased five-fold over its predecessors to
support the higher data traffic that comes with high-bandwidth applications.
Other hardware enhancements include increased ruggedness (MIL-STD 810-F, IP64,
Class I Div 2), and GPS and associated location-based services.


To further enhance its versatility, the AirLink GX400 has
an expansion slot that will allow rapid deployment of new features without
extensive product development and regulatory approval. New software features
include enhanced low-power mode and data usage tracking.


Product and application developers can take advantage of
a vast library of device and networking configuration options to customize the
AirLink GX400 to their solutions. Service providers benefit from the remote
monitoring and management features, which reduce truck rolls and optimize
network availability. Enterprises and government end users can standardize on
the AirLink GX400 to meet all their mobile network needs, reducing operations
and support complexity and costs.


In addition to the hardware and embedded ALEOS feature
enhancements, the AirLink GX400 offers cloud-based, remote device management
using Sierra Wireless’ AirLink Management Services. Based on the AirVantage
Platform, AirLink Management Services allows customers to monitor and control
an entire deployment of AirLink devices with a fully customizable dashboard, to
create groups based on device type or application, and to apply actions based
on groupings.


They can also manage devices with either public or
private IP domains. These features allow customers to reduce their maintenance
costs and drive down the overall cost of ownership. Large and small deployments
can take advantage of all of these configuration and management features from
any location with Internet access.


“The AirLink GX400 and AirLink Management Services
allow even small organizations and businesses to easily set up wireless
communications systems for applications like fleet management, business
continuity, security, and remote monitoring. We are pleased to now be able to
offer the AirLink GX400 gateway to Sprint customers,” said Emmanuel
Walckenaer, senior vice president, solutions and services, Sierra Wireless.


By telecomlead.com Team
[email protected]