Sprint and Mobilitie extend alliance to enable Network Vision

Sprint announced it has amended important contracts with
Mobilitie to help enable the delivery of next-generation networks through
Sprint’s Network Vision plan.

The agreement involves several hundred of Sprint’s
existing nationwide cell sites with Mobilitie and includes opportunities to
expand the current relationship via build-to-suit solutions.

Network Vision, announced in December 2010, is expected
to provide an enhanced network experience by improving voice quality and
providing faster data speeds while creating network flexibility, reducing
operating costs and improving environmental sustainability. The agreement with
Mobilitie helps enable several of
these benefits.

The agreement provides Sprint
with the flexibility it needs to deploy next-generation technologies and to
effect its future migration from iDEN.

Network Vision enables a quicker deployment of Network
Vision by allowing Sprint to operate existing and new Network Vision equipment
simultaneously during the transition, enabling a smoother change for customers.

We are pleased to reach this agreement with Mobilitie as
we evolve our networks to meet the needs of our growing customer base. We look
forward to a continued relationship as we roll out Network Vision sites
nationwide,” said John Harrison, vice president of Network Supplier Performance
Management, Sprint.

The agreement gives Sprint the ability to utilize
build-to-suit solutions to meet Sprint’s Network Vision schedule.

We are excited about our partnership with Sprint.
Helping Sprint provide quality wireless service in conjunction with the Network
Vision program is a high priority for us. Mobilitie is uniquely qualified and
prepared to ensure that we are responsive to Sprint’s requirements,” said Keith
Paglusch, vice president – Network Strategy, Mobilitie.

Since the announcement of Network Vision, Sprint has been
aggressively working with its vendors to plan, test and begin site
preparations. In the lab, calls have successfully been completed on 800 MHz 1x
voice, 1x data and SMS.

1900 on MHz 1x voice, 1x data, SMS and EVDO have also
been completed. Work has begun on thousands of sites and renegotiation of
existing contracts with tower companies is an important step in launching these
sites later this year.

By Telecomlead.com Team
[email protected]