STC Opts for Nokia’s Digital Operations’ Orchestration Software for 5G Slicing Services

Nokia has unveiled its latest stride in network orchestration technology, as STC, the Saudi Arabian operator, opts for Nokia’s Digital Operations’ Orchestration software to spearhead the roll-out of bespoke 5G slicing services.
STC Jawwy brand
This strategic collaboration aims to cater to the increasingly diverse and personalized network needs of stc’s customers, bolstering the operator’s efforts in monetizing its network infrastructure.

At the heart of this initiative lies the Nokia Orchestration Center, an integral component of the Nokia Digital Operations Center. This sophisticated software streamlines the creation and management of end-to-end 5G slicing on a large scale, facilitating tailor-made connectivity services for both enterprises and consumers.

Through an innovative approach of intent-driven autonomous operations, this collaboration endeavors to accelerate the creation of end-to-end slices from a time span of days to mere minutes, ensuring heightened reliability and programmability. The alignment of this deal with stc’s ‘DARE’ strategy (Digitize, Accelerate performance, Reinvent experience, and Expand scale and scope) further emphasizes the significant value addition this partnership brings to the operator’s aspirations.

Nokia’s Orchestration Center, within stc’s infrastructure, follows the framework of the TMF Open Digital Architecture (ODA). It serves as a unified, multi-tenanted platform enabling customer onboarding, orchestrating the design and deployment of multi-vendor services, and fulfilling business-specific Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

stc intends to leverage Nokia’s Orchestration Center software for diverse use cases, encompassing slice and IP-VPN orchestration, enhancing its service offerings and operational capabilities.

Samar Mittal, VP of Cloud and Network Services (CNS) at Nokia MEA, expressed enthusiasm about the ongoing partnership, highlighting its potential to empower stc with automated network slicing services tailored for 5G opportunities. He emphasized the solution’s ability to deliver an elevated and on-demand customer experience while meeting the stringent requirements for scalability and SLA fulfillment.

Anwar Al-Subhi, GM Cloud Infrastructure at stc, emphasized the symbiotic relationship between providing novel 5G slicing services and technological openness. He commended Nokia’s capabilities in enabling specific network experiences for stc’s customers, concurrently offering automation and operational efficiency benefits to the operator.

This strategic collaboration between Nokia and stc marks a significant advancement in catering to evolving customer demands through the utilization of cutting-edge 5G slicing services, promising enhanced network personalization and operational efficiency in the Saudi Arabian telecommunications landscape.