STC selects Subex to deploy integrated revenue assurance solution

STC has selected Subex to deploy an integrated Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management (iRAFM) solution.
Saudi Telecom
STC has already deployed ROC Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management solution. The new deal will enable STC to consolidate technology stack with the latest solution from Subex, including replacement of other legacy systems.

STC will be leveraging Subex’s iRAFM built upon a Hadoop stack to ensure the required scalability and flexibility to handle massive volumes of data while lowering the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). This will also enable STC to achieve higher operational efficiency due to the reduced duplication of data, effort, and maintenance.

The operator has been on the forefront towards adopting a proactive approach to mitigate the risks associated with digitalization and the road towards a 5G future, Shankar Roddam, chief operating officer of Subex, said.