Sterlite Technologies order position reaches Rs 10,516 crore

Sterlite Technologies, a data network solutions company, reported revenue of Rs 1,791 crore in Q4 and Rs 5,087 crore (+59 percent) in fiscal 2018-19.
Sterlite Technologies India business
Sterlite Technologies EBITDA reached Rs 328 crore (+38 percent) in Q4 and Rs 1,164 crore (+48 percent) in fiscal 2018-19.

Sterlite Technologies has achieved orders worth Rs 10,516 crore, 2.1 times the annual revenue.

The company’s total addressable market has expanded to $75 billion by fiscal 2023 as it offers data network solutions for mobility, last-mile access, long-haul connectivity, network modernisation and data centres, across large customer segments globally.

Sterlite Technologies has won 35 new customers. Deals with two of the world’s top cloud companies; several tier one telcos, including partnership for 4G network creation; and modernising the Indian Navy’s digital communications network are some of the main achievements.

Business in India, Europe and LATAM now account for more than 90 percent of the company’s revenues.

Sterlite Technologies introduced six new solutions including FTTx Mantra (fully integrated, ready to implement FTTx solution) and TruRibbon (high-density optical fibre cable for high-capacity networks).

Sterlite Technologies filed 271 patents till now. It launched SPEL – India’s first technology lab for structured networking solutions. This is in addition to its two earlier labs – Centre of Excellence for broadband research and Centre for Smarter Networks for next-generation network applications.

Its Industry 4.0 plant at Aurangabad will be online with 50 million fkm fibre capacity by June 2019, while it is on track to deliver its doubled fibre cable capacity of 33 million fkm by June 2020.