Subex Unveils Version 7.0 ROC Data Integrity Management Solution

OSS/BSS provider Subex launched a new release of its Revenue Operation Centre (ROC) Data Integrity Management – Version 7.0. 




Subex‘s ROC Data Integrity Management (DIM)  solution provides product components and repeatable processes to ensure quality and consistency of the data between the network and OSS/BSS that drives key asset tracking, capacity planning and provisioning processes.




The ROC DIM from Subex is the industry’s ­first Data Integrity Management (DIM) solution for improving the quality of data driving key CSP processes, resulting in lower costs and higher service pro­fitability.




The solution helps CSPs enhance their operational business value by reducing capital expenditure through stranded asset recovery, reducing operational costs through increased automation and increasing revenues through first-time-right service fulfilment.




We are pleased to release the latest version of our ROC Data Integrity Management solution,” said Mark Nicholson, chief technology officer, Subex.




This solution has also just been shortlisted in the Best Business Solution category for the Asia Communication Awards, which is sound recognition that our ROC DIM solution is an industry leader in lowering costs and providing higher service profitability for CSP’s,”  Nicholson added.




New features in version 7.0 include Event Based Discovery (EBD) which enables operators to reduce order fallout and increasing process efficiency and reducing operational costs.  It also includes an update of Automatic Reconciliation Actions (ARA), which increases process efficiency through improved automation, proactive detection and correction of discrepancies. 




Another feature of the ROC DIM Version 7.0 is increased Scalability, Ease of Use and Compatibility, allowing operators to use the solution on a wide variety of platforms using the latest technology and achieving optimum speeds of processing.




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