Swisscom deploys PLUMgrid Open Networking Suite

Swisscom has deployed PLUMgrid Open Networking Suite (ONS) to offer cloud-based services to users in Switzerland.

Swisscom recently designed and built an agile, flexible, high performance cloud on the OpenStack platform and selected PLUMgrid for scalable and secure networking. Using PLUMgrid ONS as its software defined network for OpenStack, Swisscom gains from an automated and integrated deployment model and has reduced deployment time from months to minutes. Swisscom staff can now deploy their end users’ virtual network environments with a single click.

PLUMgrid ONS employs a platform-based architecture with a programmable and distributed data plane that enables rapid service insertion, automation and scale out performance. PLUMgrid’s private Virtual Domain technology provides network containerization, enabling flexible multi-tenancy to control traffic, enforce policies and minimize security risks without complex ACLs.

“PLUMgrid helped Swisscom build competitive cloud solutions by providing a virtual networking solution that integrates with other ecosystem partners while allowing us to deploy cloud resources quickly,” said Orlando Beiner, head of cloud infrastructure, Swisscom.

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