Swisscom selects Nokia for automated optical transport network

Nokia has won a deal from Swisscom to transform the mobile operator’s infrastructure to an automated optical transport network.
Swisscom optical transport networkNokia is the sole supplier to build the end-to-end wavelength division multiplexing /optical transport network (WDM/OTN) in Switzerland.

Nokia said the modernized optical network will transport all of Swisscom’s fixed and wireless traffic from customer-provided equipment to metro access to the backbone, and will support client services from 1G to 400G.

Swisscom will benefit from reduced operating expenses and optimized capital expenditures through simplified and streamlined end-to-end service operations, which make more efficient use of network resources through automation.

Nokia’s optical networking solutions include WaveFabric, based on the 1830 family of WDM/OTN platforms powered by the Nokia PSE-V coherent digital signal processor (DSP), and the Nokia WaveSuite portfolio of networking applications for network commissioning, service enablement, and network health and analytics.

Swisscom will also deploy Nokia WavePrime Digital Twin as a Service, which provides a cloud-hosted digital representation or simulation of the physical network to design, replicate, test and analyze in order to optimize physical network performance and reliability.

Christoph Aeschlimann, CIO and CTO, Swisscom, said: “Swisscom has set out its network expansion strategy until the end of 2025, which is to equip the network for the new decade. This partnership with Nokia highlights Swisscom’s commitment to delivering a high capacity, fully automated nationwide optical backbone for Switzerland.”

James Watt, Head of Optical Networks Division, Nokia, said: “We are providing a complete, customer-focused and business driven solution that will transform Swisscom’s optical transport network into a service engine that’s ready to deliver new services.”