Syenergy brings radiation solution for telecom towers

telecom tower
Syenergy Environics, a radiation management and solutions company, has launched a new solution called EnvironStrip to protect user against harmful radiations from telecom towers.

The Delhi-based technology company claims that the EnviroStrip will take care of the ill effects of the mobile phone radiations as well as other microwave radiations.

The company claims that EnviroStrip doesn’t change the intensity of the radiation but, changes the nature of the radiation.

The company also has a solution for the radiations coming directly from the mobile tower. The strip can be installed around the tower to correct it.

The solution also includes an EnviroStrip box that can correct the radiation. The device has a capacity to take care of a radius of seven feet.

The company feels that the authorities across the world have considered these radiations as a threat and have started taking some initiatives for the same.

In India, the Rajasthan state government has taken some steps towards this initiative and banned the installation of the mobile towers near hospitals, playgrounds and nursery schools.

Syenergy Environics also aims to work with telecom operators in the future to nullify the effects of mobile radiation.

Vishal Kawadkar