T8 and OFS demonstrate error-free 40 Gb/s transmission over 2000 km in 3.2 Tb/s DWDM System


By Telecom Lead Team: OFS, a
supplier of fiber optic network products, and T8, a Russian manufacturer
of DWDM transmission equipment, have jointly announced a new record in
error-free 40G multi-channel transmission over 2000 km of OFS optical


The statement
said that the demonstration was enabled by transmission equipment
“PUSK,” developed by T8 / NTO “IRE-Polus,” and OFS AllWave
ZWP optical fiber /RightWave LL MicroDK dispersion compensating modules.


The result
has shown the possibility of going even further: to transmit channels up
to the distance of the order of 10,000 km with OFS fibers and dispersion
compensation, as well the latest technologies in optical signal transmission,
amplification, processing and decoding,” said Michael Pavlychev, general
director of OFSoffice in Russia. 


The Russian
manufacturer said that networks become more complex and support higher data
rates, CIS demand ultra-high technical performance from both the active equipment
and fiber optic cables. The best technical results in optical communication can
only be achieved by using the finest technical solutions, up-to date equipment
and the best available transmission media.

demand in the Russian/CIS telecommunications market today is growing fast, and
a number of  terrestrial optical communication lines have to be upgraded
or built, increasing the demand we see for 40 Gb/s and 100 Gb/s
DWDM  digital channels,” said Vladimr Treschikov, general director of


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