TCR Telecom taps Ciena for packet networking platforms


TCR Telecom in Brazil has tapped Ciena for its packet networking platforms to deploy a new municipal network.

Rio de Janeiro-based TCR Telecom will be providing high-speed connectivity such as Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) services in the port region of the city of Rio de Janeiro and neighborhoods of Gamboa, Santo Cristo and Saude.

Each business will be able to access 1 Gb/s of connectivity on this low-latency network, through the service provider of their choice. Advanced multi-Gigabit Ethernet Business services, such data center connectivity and high-performance Internet access, are available to the businesses located within the network footprint.

TCR Telecom will use Ciena’s 5150 and 5410 Service Aggregation Switches and OneControl Unified Management System to provide performance monitoring and service level assurance, enabling to deliver Ethernet services. This network also provides wholesale services to incumbent providers serving the project area.

“With Ciena’s packet networking platforms we can ensure that Porto Maravilha has the necessary communication infrastructure to support high-bandwidth services and applications that will help attract new residents and businesses for years to come,” said Yoav Passy, engineering coordinator of TCR Telecom.

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