TE Connectivity and ip.access unveil integrated small cell and DAS

By Telecom Lead Team: TE Connectivity and ip.access
announced their agreement to create all-digital integrated Distributed Antenna
System (DAS) and small cell base station for WCDMA services.

The solution uses ip.access’ E16 picocell access point
integrated with TE’s InterReach Spectrum or InterReach Fusion DAS products to
provide a one-stop system for enterprises wishing to improve mobile service in
their facilities.

The solution will be showcased at Mobile World Congress
2012. The integrated small cell/DAS system supporting WCDMA will be available
for demonstrations in the summer of 2012. An LTE system is planned for early

ip.access furnishes a baseband processing unit with the
same features as its E16 3G picocell, integrated into a single card that can be
inserted into TE’s InterReach Spectrum digital DAS. The system eliminates A/D
and D/A converters and RF interfacing equipment since the ip.access base
station is connected directly to the DAS, improving signal quality while
reducing heat dissipation, power consumption and deployment space.

This integrated DAS and small cell system brings a new
level of simplicity and ease of deployment to enterprise mobile networks. Our
E16 picocell provides the capacity enterprises need for their mobile users with
cost-effective Ethernet backhaul, while the TE DAS products distribute that
capacity throughout a facility or campus,” said Simon Brown, chief executive
officer of ip.access.

ip.access’ small cell access points use the 3GPP standard
luh interface for connection to the wireless service provider’s network,
enabling the E16 to interoperate with ip.access’ own small cell gateways and
management system, and third party standards-based small cell gateways.

This makes the integrated DAS solution very flexible, and
allows it to support multi-operator deployments from a single installation. The
solution provides precision capacity to specific areas and the ability to move
capacity over distances, making the most out of the service provider assets.

We believe integrating DAS and small cell base stations
is the wave of the future as more enterprises and other venues see the need for
enhanced mobile network capacity and coverage,” said Chris Jurasek, vice
president and general manager of TE Wireless and Services.

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