Teclo ugrades S-series solution for improved burst control

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Teclo Networks upgraded its S-series product, the TCP optimization solution for mobile operators. The company said at the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2016) that the S-series manages the level of data transmission burstiness.

Burst Control delivered via the S-series helps mobile operators address a continuous, and often hidden, issue that negatively impacts subscribers’ Quality of Experience for data.

Burstiness is an inherent problem in all IP networks, based on the very nature of TCP/IP data transmission.  Because of these bursts of data switch buffers regularly overflow, leading to overflowing data packets being discarded in order for them to cope.

This means that subscribers are inflicted with regular and unnecessary degradation of their data Quality of Experience through data packet loss.

Teclo Networks said the S-Series cuts this problem out at the source.  By controlling the level of burstiness of every TCP/IP data transmission, the switch buffers are less likely to overflow.

“S-series gives operators more control over the data travelling on their network. Operators can improve their customer experience and speed up both data uploads and downloads by up to 60% with servers installed only in the core network,” said Teclo Networks’ CEO Jane Walerud.

The TCP/IP data optimization specialist said the Burst Control feature in live traffic reduced packet loss from 1.75 percent to 0.17 percent for a Tier-1 operator in Africa.