TEKTELIC Communications launches smallest complete LTE small cell eNodeB

By Telecom Lead Team: TEKTELIC Communications, a provider
of cellular radio solutions and 4G micro base stations, has launched its
smallest fully integrated micro eNodeB in conjunction with Mindspeed
Technologies and the Aricent Group.

The TEKTELIC LTE 2210 micro eNodeB will be
demonstrated at Mobile World Congress 2012.

The TEKTELIC LTE 2210 micro eNodeB strikes a
balance between output power, physical size, and cost with a 2x5W radio in just
8.5L and 7Kg form factor.

Through recent LTE rollouts and trials, TEMs have
recognized the demand for a wider range of eNodeB equipment to meet the
specific requirements of global operators, and the TEKTELIC 2210 LTE line is a
compelling solution for the highly competitive LTE market,” said Rakesh Vij,
vice president of Aricent Group.

The 2210 LTE eNodeB features a digital baseband system
based on the proven Mindspeed baseband processor, with a fully integrated
Aricent LTE eNodeB software framework.

These two critical elements are combined with a high
efficiency TEKTELIC radio that delivers 2×5 Watts of transmit power per antenna
port in a 2×2 MIMO configuration.

Working with Mindspeed and Aricent has enabled us to
focus on our core expertise, building highly efficient Radios and Power Amplifiers,
as well as fully integrated and compact, low cost base stations. Through
this partnership we were able to deliver an LTE eNodeB product that meets very
stringent Tier 1 vendor and operator requirements,” said Roman Nemish,
president of TEKTELIC.

The eNodeB is targeted at the Tier 1 and 2 OEMs that wish
to accelerate their development by focusing on their own value add and porting
their application software.

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