Tektronix Launches Enhanced KickStart Software with Advanced Battery Simulation Capabilities

Tektronix, a leader in the field of test and measurement solutions, has announced the release of KickStart Software version 2.11.0, featuring substantial enhancements to its Battery Simulator Application.
Tektronix KickStart SoftwareThis latest iteration, now compatible with the 2400 Graphical Touchscreen Series Source Measure Units (SMUs) and the 2600B Series SMUs, introduces the Keithley KickStart Battery Simulator App, a powerful tool enabling users to effortlessly create battery models, simulate batteries, and conduct exhaustive battery cycle tests. Designed to cater to a diverse range of applications including consumer wireless IoT devices, automotive technology, and industrial sectors, this innovative enhancement delivers robust functionality through a streamlined “one-box,” no-code solution.

The newly enhanced app stands as a testament to Tektronix’s commitment to innovation and efficiency, addressing the complex challenges of battery simulation and testing. With support for various Keithley SMUs, the upgraded app obviates the need for a 2380 electronic load for battery model creation and the use of a 2281S battery simulator. By eliminating these requirements, the app significantly reduces the time, effort, and associated costs, while negating the necessity of developing a custom script for SMU operation.

The KickStart Battery Simulator App not only simplifies intricate battery simulation processes but also offers a highly efficient solution for simulating batteries and conducting comprehensive battery cycle tests. This functionality caters to the intricate requirements of consumer wireless IoT devices, as well as the demanding needs of the automotive and industrial domains.

With a capacity to control a maximum of eight instruments simultaneously, the KickStart Battery Simulator App allows for battery testing across multiple charge and discharge cycles, with access to a wide array of test cutoff conditions. This iteration introduces a highly responsive user interface that enables real-time changes to the simulated state of charge. Customers can seamlessly navigate multiple battery models, import and export models to and from KickStart software, and further enhance their testing capabilities.

The Keithley KickStart Software Battery Simulator App is now available globally, serving the diverse needs of the IoT devices, automotive, and industrial markets.