Tektronix to showcase 4G solutions at CommunicAsia


Tektronix Communications announced that it will showcase
its OptiMon, IrisView, Geoprobe and Arantech’s Customer Experience Management
(CEM) systems as enabling technologies to speed the service provider transition
from 2.5/3G to 4G/LTE at CommunicAsia 2011 in Singapore.


As operators move to all IP environments, networks are
becoming more complex, and time-to-market more critical for service providers
to launch new services. Network operators require a trusted partner who can
offer the breadth and depth of solutions across fixed, mobile, legacy and
converged technologies to simplify their business and operational support
systems, and to have a more complete view of how subscribers are using IP data


Next generation network elements require fast and
efficient testing solutions to improve overall product quality and
time-to-market. Tektronix Communications supports network equipment
manufacturers and operators in the design and test of network elements with
many solutions including Spectra2, which provides protocol and media test
solutions across multiple technologies in an easy-to-use single, scalable


Tektronix Communications delivers service
providers a comprehensive network monitoring product line that features
integrated, end-to-end monitoring solutions. At the core of network management
is the Iris suite of solutions, which provides multiple organizations within a
service provider real-time and historical information for all service
troubleshooting and performance monitoring needs to improve operational and
commercial readiness.


The Iris family of products, deployed by more than a
dozen top-tier carriers around the globe, includes the GeoProbe G10, the Iris
Analyzer toolset (Iris Protocol Analyzer, Iris Session Analyzer and Iris
Traffic Analyzer), IrisView and Iris Performance Intelligence.


With the uptake in high-speed data services on 2.5/3G,
and 4G/LTE networks, optimization teams are quickly finding that what worked in
the past is now time-consuming, limiting and expensive. Tektronix
Communications’ protocol- based OptiMon solution can increase efficiency and
productivity while simultaneously lowering costs.


Tektronix Communications enables service providers to
identify the root cause of quality of service issues in real-time through the
OptiMon advanced suite of applications that is specifically designed to improve
3G radio network performance and optimize troubleshooting operations to achieve
increased efficiency and productivity.


By Telecomlead.com Team

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