Telco Systems and Symmetricom bring TDM accuracy to Ethernet


Telco Systems has partnered with
Symmetricom to embed IEEE1588v2 technology into the company’s
backhaul solution. The combined solution ensures
the delivery of precise timing and synchronization over packet-based networks.



Rigorous tests have shown that the combined
Telco Systems and
Symmetricom solution
technology provides a resilient and scalable
packet-based mobile backhaul solution which meets legacy TDM performance.



“By partnering with Symmetricom, we
provide operators with a highly reliable and accurate clock synchronization
mechanism, and enable them to expedite deployments and deliver a proven and
cost effective time synchronization solution that fits their network needs,”
said  Nir Halachmi , MBH product line manager for Telco Systems.



Timing and synchronization requirements
are becoming stricter as networks transition from TDM to packet based services.
The combined carrier grade synchronization solution ensures delivery of precise
synchronization to deliver optimal network performance to meet demanding
performance requirements,” said Manish Gupta, vice president marketing for



Telco Systems provides a complete mobile backhaul edge solution,
Ethernet and IP/MPLS
as transport technologies. The solution supports a variety of synchronization
technologies (1588v2, SyncE, ACR) and synchronization interworking to provide
optimized and flexible support of different customer networks.



Together with QoS and HQoS, OA&M and
sub 50ms resiliency, Telco Systems enables a true carrier grade solution. CES
(Circuit Emulation Services) support creates a smooth migration path between
2G, 3G and 4G networks, allowing a mix of technologies to be co-located at the
same cell site.



By providing an intelligent edge solution
Telco Systems enables the providers to offer mixed services over a single
converged network for increased revenue and lower CAPEX and OPEX. Telco
Systems’ mobile backhaul devices were specifically designed to support the most
challenging field installation requirements including pico base station



Symmetricom has played a key role in timing
and synchronization for wired and wireless networking products that adhere to
the standard. As an interoperability member of Symmetricom’s SyncWorld
Ecosystem Program, Telco Systems will work closely with other SyncWorld
partners to conform to pre-defined interoperability parameters that will speed
deployment of LTE and 4G networks.



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