Telcordia bags number portability contract in US

Smartphone user in France
Telcordia will be the Local Number Portability Administrator, or LNPA for all seven of the U.S. Number Portability Administration Center (NPAC) regions, said FCC.

The LNPA will be incharge of the entire system allowing consumers and businesses to retain their phone numbers even after shifting providers, promoting choice and competition, tagged as the Number Portability Administration Center/Service Management System (NPAC/SMS).

FCC said that the system will include wireline, wireless, VoIP and cable service providers, and hundreds of law enforcement agencies and 911 public safety answering authorities alongside numerous business organizations depending on it.

The main features in favor of Telcordia were the terms and conditions related to effective public safety services and law enforcement and national security operations backed by Telcordia.

To ensure that Government interests will be safe, an audit program is designed to monitor and check compliance, supported by robust enforcement tools, all along the contract period.    

The Code of Conduct and Voting Trust Agreement will also make sure that Telcordia will be an impartial LNPA and will engage in post-selection risk reduction activities to address the evolving cyber security threat environment.

The contract with the NAPM is executed and Neustar, the current LNPA, will shift to Telcordia for an initial term of five years.

FCC will continue its oversight of all aspects of the transition to ensure that the NAPM conducts an effective and timely transition from the current administrator, Neustar, to Telcordia in a manner that does not disrupt service to the public.

“We are pleased to have received regulatory approval for the LNPA contract. While we have been planning for the transition for some time, we are glad to officially move the transition process forward,” said Richard Jacowleff, president and CEO, iconectiv.

The latest NPAC will work similar to the current while being compatible with existing gateway systems. iconectiv has a dedicated team to work for smooth transition.

iconectiv has deployed number portability solutions in 21 countries.

Vina Krishnan
[email protected]