Tele2 deploys ADVA ALM fiber monitoring solution

Tele2 Estonia has deployed the ADVA ALM fiber monitoring solution for real-time assurance across its national network to ensure operational efficiency and service availability.
ADVA ALM fiber monitoring solutionADVA ALM fiber monitoring solution’s helps Tele2 Estonia to improve customer experience and offer enhanced SLAs. ADVA ALM fiber monitoring solution, managed by the Ensemble Controller network management system with Ensemble Fiber Director, gives Tele2 Estonia’s field forces control over their optical infrastructure.

ADVA ALM pinpoints the location of fiber impairments, enabling proactive maintenance, reducing repair times and preventing network outages.

“With the ADVA ALM, we can offer more value to our customers. Needing no calibration, it easily plugged into our infrastructure to instantly provide detailed info on any fiber event. Having the ability to rapidly respond to network issues and take immediate targeted action helps us ensure zero downtime and uninterrupted connectivity,” said Asse Hang, head of international sales at Tele2 Estonia.

The ADVA ALM is a low-power, service-agnostic solution that offers total fiber infrastructure visibility. Requiring no active equipment at the user site, it’s now delivering comprehensive insight into the integrity and performance of Tele2 Estonia’s fiber infrastructure.

The Ensemble Fiber Director provides a GIS-based, real-time graphical user interface that proactively notifies the CSP’s field forces of any fiber anomaly, enabling them to take countermeasures before problems develop and services are affected. With complete control, Tele2 Estonia is now significantly improving robustness and efficiency across its nationwide network, which is built on the ADVA FSP 3000.

“Tele2 Estonia is harnessing our ALM as part of its mission to eradicate network downtime. With round-the-clock fiber monitoring, Tele2 Estonia can initiate instant troubleshooting, helping to avoid service disruption and empowering it to offer more valuable SLAs,” said Hartmut Muller-Leitloff, SVP of sales, EMEA at ADVA.