Telecom Capex growth to touch 3% in 2022 and shrink in 2023: Dell’Oro

Growth in global telecom Capex  – wireless and wireline — is expected to be 3 percent in 2022, before shrinking in 2023 and 2024, Dell’Oro Group said.
5G base station USGrowth in global telecom Capex was 9 percent in 2021.

China’s Huawei is the # supplier in the telecom network business, ahead of Ericsson and Nokia, Dell’Oro Group said in a report earlier.

The coupling between carrier investments and manufacturing infrastructure revenues is expected to prevail over the short-term — Capex and telecom equipment are on track to advance 3 percent and 4 percent in 2022, respectively.

Short-term output acceleration is expected to be relatively broad-based, with investments growing in China and the US. At the same time, challenging comparisons in the US are expected to drag down the overall Capex in the outer part of the forecast.

Following a strong showing in 2021, Capex growth prospects across Europe will be more muted in 2022.

“Surging wireless investments in the US taken together with non-mobile Capex expansions in China will keep the momentum going in 2022,” said Stefan Pongratz, Vice President and analyst with the Dell’Oro Group.