Telecom equipment major Huawei outlines vision for Green e-Cities of the future

Telecom Lead China: Telecom equipment major Huawei has unveiled its vision for green e-cities of the future.

According to UN, city dwellers will reach 4.9 billion by 2030, and 6 billion (two-thirds of the world’s population) by 2050.

Mr. Luis Neves, Chairman, GeSI and Mr. Edward Chen, President, Corporate Social Responsibility Committee, Huawei

“The ICT industry has enormous potential to address challenges related to rapid urbanization through the implementation of intelligent solutions that help manage increasingly complicated information systems with a focus on sustainability,” said Edward Chen, president of Huawei’s Corporate Social Responsibility Committee, at the “Connected City – the Greener Future” workshop organized by the Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) in Shenzhen.

Chen added, “We have been working closely with various partners to build connected cities through the adoption of ICT technologies and have developed a series of e-city solutions that seek to construct safe, well-managed, and green cities.”

Huawei has developed a number of solutions designed to meet the company’s sustainability objectives to bridge the digital divide, promote green development, exemplify trusted corporate citizenship, and facilitate harmonious industry chain development.

These solutions include: Smart Transportation Solutions that enable the sharing of transportation information over great distances and a unified control and management of transportation applications over one platform; Smart Grid Solutions that address the need of urban power systems to be safe, efficient and sustainable, promoting ease of usage, management and maintenance; and Smart Financial Solutions that provide high-performance infrastructure network architecture, financial business collaboration, operation security, financial branch transformation and innovative solutions.

Luis Neves, chairman, GeSI, said, “The ‘Connected City – The Greener Future’ workshop provided a platform for companies and organizations to share experiences and best practices in green initiatives and sustainability with their counterparts in China, raising awareness of how adoption of ICT can achieve integrated social and environmental sustainability.”

“By working with our members from the ICT sector and beyond, GeSI hopes to create and promote technologies and practices that foster economic, environmental and social sustainability, enabling the development of more connected cities and a greener future,” Neves said.

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