Telecom Innovation: Huawei launches network traffic analysis system

Telecom Lead Asia: Huawei is continuing with its innovation in telecom space. The Chinese telecom equipment maker announced the release of uTraffic, a network traffic analysis system.

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Based on Huawei’s performance management platform, uTraffic enables telecom operators to analyze network traffic and flow and monitor the quality of network pipes.


Huawei, the second largest telecom equipment maker, is trying to leverage the rapidly growing mobile data traffic.


Huawei is leading the market in terms of launching new products to telecom market in the last six months. After Mobile World Congress 2012 – Barcelona, top telecom equipment suppliers such as Ericsson and Nokia Siemens Networks have not released any major products.


Mobile Internet, high-definition video, online gaming, and cloud applications are contributing to the growth of data traffic.


Operators are looking at enhancing revenue in line with the traffic growth. Huawei said the lack of a means for proactively monitoring and optimizing network traffic is the biggest challenge carriers face in terms of network operations and maintenance.


Mobile broadband has evolved from the GSM to LTE. Fixed broadband has evolved from traditional voice and Internet applications to high-definition video and cloud applications. Network traffic will increase tenfold and more in the next three years.


“Carriers are faced with rapid network traffic growth, dynamic traffic changes, and traffic flow uncertainties. Visualizing and optimizing network traffic and flow, enhancing the transmission efficiency of network pipes, and improving service quality and experience are key issues that carriers need to solve immediately,” said Lu Hongju, president of Huawei’s Fixed Network OSS & Service Product Line.


Huawei said uTraffic is a network traffic analysis system with a scalable distributed architecture. This system can display overlapping physical topologies, geographic information system (GIS) mapping, and network traffic. It can also locate traffic congestion points. By collecting and analyzing traffic, uTraffic can predict the traffic and the broadband utilization rate for the next one to three months, and forecast where the bottleneck in the pipe is likely to occur.


uTraffic also supports network expansion. uTraffic uses the embedded probe technology, which can monitor traffic and “pipe” quality to an accuracy of 10-6, top in the industry. Huawei also leads the industry in achieving point-to-multipoint monitoring by extending the Y.1731 technology. uTraffic will significantly enhance carrier capabilities in the lean operations of network pipes.


Meanwhile, Huawei has launched its Software Defined Network (SDN) Enabled routers targeting telecom operators in the country. Huawei SDN Enabled router is expected to assist operators to meet future needs based on the SDN concept.



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