Telecom operators get new experience centric managed services from Ericsson

Telecom Lead Europe: Ericsson said its new Experience Centric Managed Services model will focus on the user experience.

Since operators are focusing more on improving quality of services rather than increasing the geographical presence, Ericsson’s new business strategy is in line with the expectations of the wireless industry.

Telecom operators’ new focus on customers is a reflection of declining profitability and lack of stickiness.

According to Frost & Sullivan, mobile internet will become the hero that saves the Indonesian telecom operators in 2013.

Dev Yusmananda, head of Consulting ICT Practice – Indonesia, Frost & Sullivan, says value added mobile data services started to become the important source of revenue growth for operators in Indonesia.

“The main four windows to go beyond just data segment are mobilization (a trend where devices, softwares and services are starting to adapt and incorporate smartphone-like features and capabilities); Mobile payment; Mobile e-commerce; and mobile advertising,” said Dev.

Ericsson’s new managed services model – which will bring in new business models to telecom industry — aligns management and operation of the network and IT environment to consumers’ expectations and operators’ business objectives.

The Experience Centric Managed Services have two pillars — customer experience and the managed services experience.

Customer experience consists of KPIs, user service assurance and tools for tracking and measuring. Managed services experience consists joint strategic framework that aligns choices and priorities through shared business scorecards, a value assurance component, and a business innovation component that unlocks value for business benefits.

Ericsson’s new Experience Centric Managed Services model is designed to address telecom operators’ expectations for managed services — ensuring customer satisfaction.

With this, the mobile industry will see emergence of new KPIs. For example, an operator like Airtel can ensure KPIs like — service- and customer experience KPIs include service availability, service accessibility, time for service activation and service response time.

Experience Centric Managed Services assists service providers to improve agility and speed. It enables them to free up resources and increase their focus on specialization and innovation – to the benefit of the user experience and customer relationship.

Valter D’Avino, head of Managed Services, Ericsson, says Experience Centric Managed Services has the ability to play a vital role in operators’ strategies by helping them to grasp new opportunities, re-evaluate their position in the market and ensure that consumer expectations are met.

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