TeleCommunication Systems enhances NAVBuilder development platform

Telecom Lead America: TeleCommunication Systems, a
provider of mobile communication technology announced new enhancements to its
NAVBuilder Software Development Kit (SDK).


The company said that mobile application developers
can now use new NAVBuilder Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to develop
location-based services (LBS) applications for mobile devices across U.S.
carriers and platforms.


“There is an increasing need for mapping and
navigation tools across mobile platforms. The NAVBuilder SDK will allow LBS
developers to tap into this increasing revenue stream, while providing them
with solutions to the major challenges they face. NAVBuilder truly reduces
development costs and time-to-market,” said Jason Penkethman, vice
president of TCS’ Navigation and Telematics group.


NAVBuilder enables developers to integrate
features such as local search, mapping, directions and other location features
into their applications to use on Android, BlackBerry, BREW and iOS devices.
Deals and coupons are available on Android, BlackBerry, and BREW devices.


Furthermore, the company added that its newly enhanced
SDK provides TCS’ navigation invocation API that enables the launching of TCS’
white label navigation applications. Over 1,000 OEM and third-party developers
have registered for the free SDK.


The company’s NAVBuilder consists of LocationKit, MapKit
and mobile deals and coupon APIs.


MapKit provides an embeddable map interface through a set
of functions that enable applications to display map imagery within windows and


On the other hand, LocationKit allows users to access a
single position or a continuous stream of positions to determine the current latitude
and longitude of a device; the interface uses the available hardware and the
NAVBuilder server to provide a location using stand-alone GPS, Wi-Fi or cell
ID-based positioning.


TeleCommunication Systems picks Locaid as Location-as-a-Service


Locaid, a Location-as-a-Service company (LaaS) and
TeleCommunication Systems, a provider of mobile communication technology
entered into a partnership.


Under the partnership, TCS’ portfolio of mobile
location-based products and services (LBS) will incorporate Locaid’s
Location-as-a-Service capabilities. This partnership provides wireless
operators with access to rapidly deployable location technology for additional financial
yield from their location infrastructure.


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