Telenet achieves 1.3 gigabit download speed with ZTE

ZTE and 5G innovationTelenet CTO Micha Berger today said the telecom operator has demonstrated 1.3 gigabit per second download speed on its live mobile network on ZTE equipment.

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Telenet, which acquired BASE mobile network in 2015, has selected ZTE as part of the modernization deal in 2016.

Telenet is making an investment of €250 million for the transformation of its mobile network.

“We have chosen ZTE to be our partner in the complete network upgrade and whole infrastructure digitalization of our mobile network,” said Telenet CTO Micha Berger.

Based on ZTE’s 4.5G technology, a download speed was achieved that is four times faster than 4G’s maximum download speed. Telenet is the first operator in Europe to reach this speed under real-world conditions.

“For Telenet, the 5G network is an important enabler of digital transformation and the company wants to be a key provider of the digital future,” Micha Berger.