Telenet works with Sandvine to improve customer experience

Telenet is working with Sandvine, the App QoE Company, to detect, predict, and address issues affecting customer experience.
Telenet investment plansThe Belgium operator is building objective service quality scores for every end-device, as well as subjective connectivity-experience-scores for every customer.

“Better understanding service quality over different devices at different times means we can determine which KPIs are important to decisions about repair and maintenance, as well as flag customers who might be unhappy so we can proactively address any issues and fine tune campaigns to better engage and satisfy them,” Telenet’s Stijn Eulaerts, Vice President Product Management Residential and Soho, said.

Some of the first-year results of the QoE project, even before fully implemented, were impressive, including:

8 percent truck roll reduction

Significant reduction in inbound calls

Churn reduction

Better utilization of hardware

Improvement in call-outs associated with self-service modem delivery

Fewer in-home repairs

These benefits will pave the way to the future, which will include intent-based congestion management and automation for self-adjusting, automated solutions that further improve performance and customer experience.

“Using high-quality Sandvine data, our engineering team worked with Telenet’s Operations team to create a holistic quality-of-experience profile for each Telenet customer, and to develop a robust analytics dashboard through which highly contextualized information about customer QoE could be brought to life,” Sandvine’s Lyndon Cantor, Chief Executive Officer, said.