Telenity enters into machine-to-machine (M2M) market

Telecom Lead America: Telenity has entered into the Machine-to-Machine (M2M) market.

It has launched two new solutions — Canvas m2mConnect, M2M connectivity and device management platform and Canvasm2mEnable, M2M service enablement platform.

Telenity aims at strengthening its presence in the M2M connectivity market that is expected to grow each year by more than 25 percent and revenues addressable by mobile network operators are expected to reach $373 billion.

Recently, Frost & Sullivan shared machine-to-machine (M2M) strategies for telecom operators. The agency says telecom companies are seeking new ways for revenue growth in a connected M2M world.

Till now, telecoms mostly targeted the easy to reach opportunities in areas such as new cars, electricity meters and those around consumer and professional healthcare, traditional telemetry, security and industrial automation.

Telenity says these two solutions are aimed at integrating with each other to empower mobile operators to streamline management of embedded connections.

Operators will benefit as they can rapidly develop services for multiple verticals, and generate more revenue per connection.

Ilhan Bagoren, CEO at Telenity, says the new M2M solutions will help operators address the market potential and monetize their network assets with an attractive set of capabilities in device connectivity management, partner management, policy control, service creation, along with flexible billing and charging policies, and reduced time to market.

Gurol Akman, CTO at Telenity, claims these solutions increase efficiency in business processes and allow new ways of interaction between upstream and downstream customers in delivering value – enabling emerging two-sided (Telco 2.0) business models for operators and enterprises.

Anytime, anywhere access to real-time intelligence from network connected machines or M2M solutions are changing the way businesses operate – improving existing processes and creating new business models for enterprises.


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