Telenor Denmark Launches Browser-based Mobile Switchboard with Gintel

Gintel, a provider of hosted enterprise software solutions, announced that a custom version of its virtual switchboard application is being used by Telenor Denmark for a new enterprise hosted telephony offer.

Mobile switchboard from Telenor , which was launched commercially by Telenor Denmark on March 1st, is targeted at small and medium enterprises and offers advanced inbound call management capabilities.

The switchboard application manages inbound traffic to users of a Telenor Pure Mobile solution, and provides rich functionality for main number call management.

The switchboard is fully integrated with the company directory, allowing presence or absence information to be displayed. External contacts can also be included for the purposes of computer telephony integration (CTI).

“Inbound call management is an essential element of our Pure Mobile solutions and we wanted to be able to offer our clients the most advanced solution available,” said Lars Bo Christiansen, product manager for Telenor Denmark. We worked with Gintel to create something uniquely adapted to our offer and our market. We want to achieve significant competitive differentiation and Gintel has helped us meet our goal.

Enterprises using the Gintel  service can manage all incoming main number calls through an advanced user interface. Calls can be transferred to extensions, placed on hold and valuable statistical reports can be generated, bringing advanced call management solutions to enterprises without the need for capital investment.

“Our innovative technology allows service providers to launch highly-targeted revenue generating services and delivers significant benefits to end-users,” said Ernst Thue, CEO of Gintel. We are delighted that Gintel has been chosen to be part of this new service from one of Europe’s leading service providers.

The rich functionality is entirely browser-based, ensuring ease of deployment and configuration. The switchboard was developed using AJAX and the Google Widget Toolkit (GWT). As there is no local software, the solution can be accessed via any suitable browser and Internet connections, ensuring simple but powerful configuration and management.

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