Telesoft updates mobile policy template

Telesoft, a provider of fixed and mobile Telecom Expense
Management (TEM) software and services, has released an updated version of
their widely popular Corporate Mobile Policy Template whitepaper.

The template, originally published in November 2009, is
based on industry best practices from hundreds of engagements and customer
input regarding different telecom environments. Key areas of the policy
include: General Policy Information, Eligibility, Acceptable Use, Financial
Responsibility, Program Management, and Equipment.

We advise clients to update their mobile policy every 12
to 18 months in order to achieve maximum savings from their mobility program.
New technology is allowing for maximum productivity in the workplace. However,
this same technology has become increasingly more complex to manage without the
proper tools in place,” said Thierry Zerbib, chief executive officer and
co-founder of Telesoft.

Three major changes have occurred over the past 18 months
that require updates to an organization’s mobile policy.

These changes include widespread adoption of tablet
devices, changes in wireless carriers and their approach to wireless data
charges, and demands from employees to allow them to bring their own device to
work,” also known as BYOD. Each issue is addressed on the newly updated policy
website and is available for download on Telesoft’s website.

This updated mobile policy is useful for any
organization building their policy for the first time, or those that need to
refresh their existing policy. A policy that is accompanied by the proper
expense management tools and has executive buy-in allows the organization to
realize maximum productivity from employees at the lowest possible cost,” added
Zerbib. Team
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