Telia Selects Elisa Polystar for Enhanced Network Performance through Data Management and Analytics

Telia Sweden has selected Elisa Polystar, a leader in data management, services assurance, and network automation solutions, for the purpose of enhancing network performance and elevating customer experience.
Telia network offersBuilding on a 20-year technology partnership, Elisa Polystar has been a trusted technology partner for Telia Sweden, providing cutting-edge service assurance solutions. The addition of the performance data management and analytics platform aims to eliminate data siloes, offering Telia Sweden a centralized real-time view of their network. This centralization equips Telia Sweden with an enhanced ability to identify faults promptly and refine service quality, ultimately enhancing the overall customer experience.

Rainer Deutschmann, Group Chief Operating Officer at Telia Company, highlighted the pivotal role of data, analytics, and artificial intelligence in Telia Sweden’s digital transformation journey.

“As we digitize and automate our operations, we extend our partnership with Elisa Polystar to run our IT and networks even more efficiently,” Rainer Deutschmann said.

Leveraging real-time data from relevant sources, Telia Sweden aims to enhance incident detection, resolution, and prevention to improve service quality for its esteemed customers.

Anssi Okkonen, CEO of Elisa Polystar, emphasized the significance of unlocking data potential within operators’ networks, underscoring Elisa Polystar’s powerful platform, providing a unified real-time view of the network for unparalleled insight into service quality.

Elisa Polystar’s data management and analytics platform, complemented by its KALIX presentation tool, enable Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to access and analyze extensive data from multi-vendor radio and core network elements.

The platform helps operators remove and virtualize data siloes, extracting data from various sources to transform them into actionable reports and insights that can significantly enhance network performance, customer experience, and cost-efficiency.

Elisa Polystar says its products fuel digital transformation, reducing both Opex and Capex costs while enhancing customer experiences. The portfolio integrates AI-driven analytics with automation, enabling closed-loop network operations, optimization, and automation in the Radio Access Network (RAN) and transport domains, leading to self-driving networks. Elisa Polystar’s solutions are compatible with any network and service, including IoT and 5G network slicing.