Telia Towers selects Sitetracker’s operations management software

Telia Towers has selected Sitetracker, a provider of operations management software, to easily deploy and manage thousands of towers across the Nordic region.
Telia network offersTelia Towers, which deploys telecom towers in Norway, Sweden and Finland, replaces its legacy software with Sitetracker’s SaaS architecture. That allows Telia Towers to use the same, cloud-based solution across all its Nordic locations.

The innovative approach to keep all sensitive data secure and within the confines of each country’s regulations is one of Sitetracker’s unique value-adds.

Sitetracker offers Telia Towers a complete solution right out of the box, one based on best practices formed from working with towercos responsible for more than 2 million tower sites around the world.

“Telia Towers needs a flexible, secure and scalable system to keep track of projects and accurate inventory data,” said Peter Borgfors, Telia Towers’s CIO. “With smooth and seamless operations, we believe that Sitetracker will help develop and automate our processes, and, at the same time, keep the momentum of our business growing.”

Sitetracker Telecom for Tower is a specialized solution under the Sitetracker Telecom product suite that solves a particularly challenging problem for companies struggling to keep up with the demands on their towers due to 5G deployment worldwide.