Telit Wireless M2M modules power Berkeley Varitronics 3G modem

Telecom Lead America: M2M modules provider Telit Wireless
Solutions announced that its M2M modules provide wireless capabilities for
Berkeley Varitronics Systems’ Squid-PRO M2M Cell Tower Tester, a hand-held

Leveraging CC864-DUAL, UC864-G and DE910-DUAL M2M modules
from Telit Wireless, the Squid-PRO assists field technicians installing a 3G
M2M modem by providing a signal strength measurement and listing the carrier
with the best coverage at a given location.

Measurements can be obtained instantly from all four
major wireless carriers in the U.S. (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon),
allowing technicians to make quick, informed decisions on M2M antenna and modem

With Telit’s reliable M2M modules, the Squid-PRO
effectively takes the guesswork out of M2M installations, ensuring the
long-term functionality and success of customers’ M2M solutions,” said Scott
Schober, president and CEO of Berkeley Varitronics Systems.

This handheld device includes a multi-band antenna for
enhanced sensitivity, an integrated GPS receiver for location-based
measurements, an ultra-sharp and bright OLED display and a track ball for
user-controlled operation. There is no SIM activation required, and the tool
can operate for 8 full hours on a single charge.

From industrial monitoring to connected ATM machines,
many organizations are realizing the value of using cellular M2M technology to
communicate with remote assets, but the benefits are contingent upon the
devices both being installed and working properly,” said Mike Ueland, senior
vice president and general manager of Telit Wireless Solutions North America.

Telit’s CC864-DUAL, a CDMA-1xRTT wireless module,
features an ultra-compact form factor ideal for medium-to-high-volume M2M
applications, mobile data and computing devices. Featuring the same unified
form factor is the UC864-G module, allowing integrators and developers to
design their applications.

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