TELUS selects Affirmed Networks for Internet of Things services

TELUS in Toronto
Telecom network operator TELUS has selected Affirmed Networks to support the delivery of Internet of Things (IoT) services.

The Canadian telecoms aims to provide an exceptional network experience for its IoT customers by selecting Affirmed Networks.

TELUS CTO Ibrahim Gedeon said: “IoT represents a tremendous opportunity for Canadian businesses and TELUS is committed to providing our customers with innovative solutions that enhance their productivity and profitability.”

Affirmed Networks said that its Mobile Content Cloud solution allows TELUS to economically scale its network to meet IoT workload and usage demands. The network can scale capacity up or down to address the changing traffic patterns that are inherent in IoT services.

Hassan Ahmed, chairman and CEO, Affirmed Networks, said that telecom operators like TELUS are leading a telecom market disruption in new services, such as IoT, that provide exciting new areas for growth and profitability for telecom network operators.

Affirmed Networks in a statement claims that it has more than 28 customers worldwide, and more than 40 trials with telecom network operators evaluating the benefits of moving to a virtualized mobile network infrastructure.

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