TELUS uses Cisco Videoscape to improve Optik TV mobile experience

By Telecom Lead Team: Cisco
announced that TELUS has deployed key components of the Cisco Videoscape platform
to extend its Optik TV services to mobile devices through its Optik on the go

Cisco Videoscape allows service
providers and media companies to extend content across devices and networks to
create a new, truly immersive home and mobile television experience. Videoscape
utilizes the cloud, network, and client devices together to deliver new,
high-quality video experiences over the Internet.

Through the use of Cisco Videoscape,
TELUS is differentiating its consumer video experience in an increasingly
competitive market, while simultaneously extending opportunities for revenue
generation to its growing customer base of Optik services subscribers and TELUS
wireless subscribers in Alberta and British Columbia.

“Our vision for Optik on the go
is to offer customers a simple, straightforward way to view Optik TV content
across any number of mobile screens or devices. With Cisco Videoscape we can
now mobile-enable content and offer customers an innovative, world-class TV
experience — at home and on the go,” said David Fuller, chief marketing
officer, TELUS.

With Videoscape, TELUS will offer
Optik customers in Alberta and British Columbia a unique TV experience,
allowing them to take their TV service with them on the go. TELUS has employed
Cisco’s technology and service delivery expertise in managing synergies between
the cloud, network and client devices, to launch a fully hosted video content
management platform to increase service velocity.

“Service providers like TELUS
are well-positioned to do for the TV experience what the mobile Internet did
for the cellphone — allow anywhere, anytime access,” said Pankaj Patel,
senior vice president, Engineering and general manager, Cisco Service Provider

Launched in June, 2010, Optik TV is
powered by TELUS’ innovative and market leading fibre-optic network. Optik TV
offers innovative functionality features such as PVR Anywhere, and more than
500 channels, including more than 100 in high definition. Cisco Videoscape will
allow TELUS to deliver a consistent Optik TV experience across a diverse set of
mobile devices.

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