TEMA seeks level playing field for Indian telecom manufacturers

The Indian Telecom Equipment Manufacturers Association
(TEMA) has sought a level playing field for the home grown telecom equipment

The association has approached Prime Minister Manmohan
Singh to this effect.

In a communication sent to the Prime Minister Office,
TEMA highlighted lack of implementation strategy on part of the UPA Government.

We are not asking anything out of context from the
government or which is outside the National Telecom Policies of 1994 or 1999 or
the recommendations made in the draft Policy 2011. We are seeking honest
support in reaching the mile stones mentioned in these policy papers and also
the statements made by the Prime Minister at various times by adopting
transparent and logical methodology which does not negate the Indian Telecom
Story in any way,”  said Ashok K. Aggarwal, director general, Telecom
Equipment Manufacturers Association.

TEMA has suggested the adoption of the following six
points which would create further impetus to the Indian telecom sector.

1.    Identification of clear milestones
and implementation plans for the telecom manufacturing sector.

2.    Set up a ‘Nodal Expert Council’ for
monitoring the implementation of NTP2011.

3.    Preferential treatment to be
mandated for ‘Indian Products’.

4.    Introduction of R&D Cess on all
licensed telecom service providers and incentives for service providers by
granting reduced contribution on meeting targets of purchasing Indian

5.    Compliance to national standards and
certification of all telecom equipments by TEC before induction in the Indian
telecom network.

6.  Remodeling the tax structure so as to dispense
with the financial disadvantage for home grown telecom equipment manufacturer.

According to Aggarwal, the adoption of these six points
would pave the way in ensuring the growth of manufacturing sector and
commensurate with the growth of the telecom service in India in the next

By Telecomlead.com Team
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