TEOCO conducts interoperability testing with NetNumber and Alcatel-Lucent

Telecom Lead America: TEOCO, a provider of assurance and
analytics solutions to operators, has conducted interoperability testing with
NetNumber, an addressing and routing provider, and Alcatel-Lucent.

TEOCO’s approach to Least Cost Routing (LCR) is to bypass
the switch updating process by facilitating the dipping of a centralized routing
database on a dedicated server that call-by-call dynamically applies routing
policy and forwards the routing instructions to the switches in real-time.

TEOCO’s INroute solution, which utilizes NetNumber’s
TITAN server, has completed extensive interoperability testing with
Alcatel-Lucent’s 5060 Media Gateway Controller-8 (MGC-8).

The result will enable service providers to support an
endless amount of routes by eliminating dependency on switch translations,
enabling service providers to deliver more content and services over their
network at a lower cost. Leveraging the centralized routing database avoids
challenges associated with scaling and managing routing with highly distributed

Backed by TEOCO, NetNumber and Alcatel-Lucent, customers
can acquire a pre-integrated solution that alleviates technical and commercial
risks while providing a quicker time to market for carriers seeking to migrate
from TDM to new IP based services.

By centralizing the routing policy and deploying on a
world-class switching platform, communication service providers are provided a
cost-effective means to scale their networks, derive new revenue, and increase
their service offerings, while decreasing the day-to-day operational workload,”
said TEOCO General Manager John Devolites.

The Alcatel Lucent 5060 MGC-8 has been deployed
world-wide in service provider networks for its breadth of capabilities and
steadfast performance,” said Dave Geary, president, Alcatel-Lucent Wireline

A centralized routing architecture that integrates
portability-correction, dynamic route-list generation, real-time policy
updates, and customer specific service-logic provides carriers/operators with
unlimited routing flexibility. The integrated solution from TEOCO, Alcatel-Lucent
and NetNumber delivers on the promise of faster routing updates, more accurate
routing results and reduced operating costs,” said NetNumber Founder Douglas

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