Thuraya partners with SRT Wireless to improve data transmission

Thuraya, a mobile satellite telecommunications company, is
partnering with SRT Wireless to deliver the next generation of Internet
Protocol (IP) modems and an open platform for third-party developers.

Thuraya’s existing broadband terminal enables fast,
convenient, reliable data connectivity from any location — even the most
remote in more than 140 countries in Asia, Australia, Africa, the Middle East
and Europe.

“Thuraya is delighted to be working with SRT
Wireless to shape the future of data products. We believe this market sector
will continue to grow exponentially, and we need to continually innovate to
stay ahead. By providing a cutting-edge, open platform for developers, we’re
encouraging innovation and creating real partnerships which will be key to our
partners’ and Thuraya’s future,” said Rashid Baba, director of Product
Management, Thuray.


The new IP module, developed and manufactured by SRT
Wireless, will enhance the capabilities of Thuraya’s products, which are
surging in popularity in both the Land and Maritime sectors.

Specifically, the SRT Wireless IP module will enable
high-speed streaming at up to 384 kbps, the fastest in the industry, and
provide extensive additional functionality including Voice, Geo-Mobile Packet
Radio Service (GmPRS), SMS, Fax, GPS, and an OEM-programmable host controller
with Linux software development kit (SDK), which will significantly reduce
development time and costs to bring new products and applications to market.

The module is especially well suited to meet the needs of
market verticals including aerospace, military, marine, oil and gas, mining,
SCADA industrial control systems, and any systems or applications in which a
compact design is preferred and can be more easily integrated into the
customer’s solution.  

“Our partnership with Thuraya will revolutionize the
way data is provided and consumed over the next few years. Thuraya’s foresight
and our Thuraya IP Module design are guaranteed to excite developers who are
aware of the importance of such a product in the marketplace,” said John
Mann, CEO, SRT Wireless.

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