TI unveils low-cost Sub-1 GHz RF Value Line product family

Instruments Incorporated (TI) introduced a new Sub-1 GHz RF Value Line family,
offering developers low-cost connectivity solutions for sub-1 GHz RF applications
such as remote controls, toys, home and building automation, and security


The Sub-1 GHz RF Value Line family launched with the CC115L
, CC113L
receiver and CC110L transceiver, all available immediately. In high volume, the
line offers a complete, one-way RF link for less than $1.


new devices are based on TI’s
Sub-1 GHz CC1101 RF technology, and are pin-,
register- and code-compatible, as well as backwards compatible with existing
sub-1 GHz systems.


new Sub-1 GHz RF Value Line answers the market’s increasing need for simple,
low-cost connectivity for applications that require both long battery life and
long range wireless connection,” said Erling Simensen,
product marketing manager, Low-Power RF, TI.


based on the Sub-1GHz RF Value Line family not only ease connectivity
integration efforts for engineers, but promise wireless connectivity for more
of  today’s cost-sensitive consumer applications,” Simensen added.


CC11xLDK-868-915 and CC11xLEMK-433 development kits provide complete hardware
performance testing and software development platforms for the new product
family. The kits also offer new low-cost reference designs, with a compact PCB
antenna for 433, 868, 915 MHz, featuring a reduced component count and complete
design ready for FCC and ETSI certification.


small-size, compact PCB helix antenna represents only a quarter of the size of
previous PCB antennas, and is useful for applications requiring high antenna
efficiency in a compact area.


By telecomlead.com Team