TIM Brasil selects 100G optical networking equipment from Xtera

Telecom service provider TIM Brasil has selected 100G optical networking equipment from Xtera Communications to upgrade long-haul optical transmission infrastructure in north and center west Brazil.

The 100G deployment is part of a major initiative undertaken by TIM Brasil which is in the process of upgrading a large ring in the northern part of Brazil with 100G technology, representing about 50 percent of the whole Brazilian territory.

The upgraded telecom infrastructure connecting Manaus, Porto Velho and Cuiaba with 2,600 km of high-capacity links addresses the needs of bandwidth-hungry customers.

TIM Brasil

In conjunction with the LT Amazonas 2013 deployment, which was also implemented with Xtera’s 100G and Raman solutions, this project brings a second route for high bandwidth connectivity and enhanced resiliency to Manaus and the entire North Region.

“The investments in innovation that enabled us to be the first operator to achieve multi terabit/s capacity with minimum regeneration in such challenging routes reinforce TIM’s commitment to improving and expanding its networks throughout Brazil,” said Cicero Olivieri, director of Fixed & Transport Network of TIM Brasil.

TIM is the second largest carrier in Brazil with more than 74 million customers, and holds a 27 percent market share in the country.

In the three-year period through 2016, the company will invest upwards of 90 percent of the R$11 billion earmarked for investments in Brazil in infrastructure.

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