TIM deploys DigitalReef mobile marketing solution

TIM, the leading 4G operator in Brazil, has deployed DigitalReef to create a new marketing and advertising channel using the My TIM application. The application will send more assertive and personalized push notifications according to the profile of each individual customer.
TIM digital store
The mobile marketing and advertising technology from DigitalReef involves SDKs, which integrate existing applications into the My TIM application. After the user’s consent, the application analyzes data such as geolocation information and application usage in order to establish a behavioral profile.

It complies with privacy regulations, including the Brazilian Data Protection Law. It is possible to suggest services and offers based on the preferences of each individual customer. The marketing actions use banners, GIFs and videos within the application, providing a richer and more attractive experience.

The new model allows suppliers and partners to run advertising campaigns and suggest their products more effectively. The initiative consolidates TIM’s effort to further develop its business by seeking revenue diversification.

“The partnership with DigitalReef reinforces TIM’s work on several fronts and in unique strategies. Our mobile marketing initiatives prioritize the customer experience and the customer can count on targeted content and communication, adding value to the service offered by the company,” Renato Ciuchini, TIM Brasil’s Vice President of Strategy and Transformation, said.

DigitalReef’s platform acts as additional inventory for the TIM Ads platform, increasing the user monetization possibilities. The partnership allows TIM to optimize the entire customer journey by connecting online and offline events.

TIM’s ads now have a wider variety of delivery options. They become more engaging and generate better results by using unique push notifications and messaging with images, videos, surveys, app installs, repeated interactions and advanced media. The result is greater user engagement in the application, less attention dispersion and an even better experience.

The DigitalReef team will be responsible for acquiring new campaigns and advertisers and to drive their marketing and advertising capabilities further, maximizing value and enhancing the overall customer experience, DigitalReef CEO Maurizio Angelone said.