TM Forum 2015: ZTE ZXDNA solution offers 30% cut in O&M manpower costs

Telecom network vendor ZTE has launched its network traffic analysis tool ZXDNA at the TM Forum 2015.

ZTE’s ZXDNA solution can reduce O&M manpower costs by 30 percent, guiding network traffic planning and capacity expansion.
The ZXDNA performs visible operation and maintenance (O&M) of network traffic, provides a basis for network planning and supports service operation. ZTE said ZXDNA offers traffic reports, simple operation mode, personalized configuration and high expandability.

During the 4G phase, Bandwidth demands will rise by more than 10 times the amount of the 3G era. O&M software, network traffic monitoring and the optimization of resource and network structures will assist operators to exploit network potential and improve productivity.

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The ZXDNA network traffic analysis tool can extract information from the mass data collected by the network management systems (NMS), and display it in diverse report forms. It enables the user to set automatic alarms on thresholds, generating reports regularly and pushing notifications by email or SMS.

This system can guide the operators to effectively plan network construction and optimize network structure to avoid congestion. It also enables operators to establish traffic archives to arrange support for important activities and provide traffic analysis data as a reference for routine network O&M and market operation.

Guangdong Mobile, Shanghai Mobile, Shaanxi Mobile, Jilin Mobile, Hunan Mobile and Yunnan Mobile have deployed the ZXNDA tool.

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