TOTSCo Selects Tech Mahindra to Create Message-exchange Platform

Tech Mahindra, a leader in digital transformation and consulting services, has forged an alliance with TOTSCo (The One Touch Switching Company). The partnership aims to revolutionize the sector by creating a message-exchange platform designed specifically for UK telecom providers.
Tech Mahindra 5GThe platform called TOTSCo Hub will serve as a tool for all UK retail communications service providers, facilitating the transition of residential fixed broadband and voice services.

This innovative solution promises to streamline the process of switching between service providers, empowering consumers with greater choice and flexibility, Tech Mahindra said in a news statement.

Constructed upon a cloud-native architecture, the platform boasts security, reliability, and scalability. This robust infrastructure ensures a smooth and efficient experience for end-users, enabling them to effortlessly switch providers while accessing a diverse range of services tailored to their needs.

Vikram Nair, President of EMEA Business at Tech Mahindra, emphasized the significance of this partnership in meeting the evolving demands of the industry. He highlighted the platform’s pivotal role in fulfilling Ofcom’s mandate for one-touch switching, underscoring Tech Mahindra’s commitment to driving innovation and delivering exceptional customer experiences.

TOTSCo Hub will utilize Comviva’s BlueMarble Business Support System (BSS) platform and WSO2’s API Management (Application Programming Interface) and Integration software for Communication Provider (CP) Management.

Paul Bradbury, CEO of TOTSCo, expressed confidence in the partnership’s ability to deliver a secure and reliable platform that will revolutionize residential broadband and voice switching in the UK.

Tech Mahindra has a track record of collaboration with over 40 Communications Services Providers (CSPs) in the UK and Europe.

TOTSCo, established by the UK telecommunications industry, aims to deliver switching processes for fixed broadband and voice services. The TOTSCo Hub is facilitating the exchange of customer data between service providers.