TraceSpan launches G.Vector for VDSL Xpert analyzer

Telecom Lead America: TraceSpan Communications, a
provider of broadband analysis and monitoring solutions, has launched Self-FEXT
Cancellation module for its VDSL Xpert analyzer


Self-FEXT Cancellation, also known as G.Vector, is
standardized in the ITU-T G.993.5 recommendation. The module allows
important rate improvements of VDSL lines by cancellation of far-end crosstalk
(FEXT) among signals from pairs in a bundle.


“VDSL Xpert can now help our customers maximize the
performance of their copper lines by troubleshooting G.Vector-related problems
quickly and easily, thus assuring service reliability and customer
satisfaction,” said Dr. Hanan Herzberg, founder and CEO of TraceSpan.


The VDSL Xpert multi-layer analyzer provides a complete
analysis of VDSL2 product performance and interoperability with no affect of
the data transfer between the transceivers.


VDSL Xpert allows its users to validate the performance
improvement achieved by G.Vector, verify G.993.5 compliance of their VDSL2
equipment and chipsets, find and analyze problems related to G.Vector prior to
their field deployment, and troubleshoot such problems on live networks in the


The latest VDSL Xpert version also adds new capabilities
for troubleshooting issues related to multi-pair bonding, which is another key
factor in extending service rate and reach over copper lines.


VDSL Xpert provides comprehensive analysis with various
outputs – from analog samples to bits and messages with its unique multi-layer
probing capability, Also, it extracts the upper layers cells and packets
and provides data, signaling and warnings of incompatibility with the various


VDSL Xpert concurrently presents downstream and upstream
data and the connection between the two. Its feature-rich GUI presents
multi-layer information in convenient displays, and also allows automatic
generation of exportable reports.


Recently, UNH-IOL laboratory and TraceSpan Communications announced their partnership for GPON
interoperability and conformance testing.


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