Transition to unveil 10 Gigabit Media Conversion in Asia

Transition Networks, the media conversion and Carrier Ethernet technology
provider, announced the Asian launch of its new 10 Gigabit Ethernet
fiber-to-fiber media converter.

The converter, which is already being trialed by a number of service providers
and is field-proven to work with the Cisco 7600 model, is
designed to meet the steady increase in network traffic that is driving service
providers and enterprise network managers to explore newer 10 Gigabit technologies.

Transition’s new 10 Gigabit converters provide a solution to these broadband
constraints by developing a cost-effective method for fiber extension and fiber
mode conversion.  This new line of 10 Gigabit media converters help
enterprises and service providers extend the distances required for specific
applications, while also supporting bandwidth-intensive applications such as

The trials of the new converter come as Transition Networks is expanding its
activities across Asia, while also looking to increase its resources this year in Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

“This is a tremendously exciting time for Transition in Asia. We have a
new product line built specifically to more than meet the increasing demands of constrained LAN & WAN networks, while also expanding our local presence at
the same time,” said Sev Sadura, general manager of Transition Networks.

“The demand for 10 Gigabit Ethernet is being driven by the increasing need
to deliver multi-gigabit connections to the network edge, helping to reduce the potential bottle necks associated with increased traffic from
bandwidth-hungry applications,” he added.

“This is where 10G is
finding a lot of activity and where Transition’s 10 Gigabit media conversion and fiber
extension is ideal for Asia and beyond,” Sadura added.

The 10 Gigabit technology supports multiple standards, such as varied
transmission distances on different types of fiber. With Transition’s 10 Gigabit media converter a user can select the fiber module needed to support
their specific transmission distance requirements.  Built for fiber extension over maximum transmission distances (80km/49.7mi), the 10
Gigabit  media converter can also be used to interface between different types of fiber that may already be installed or available at a users

For example, a conversion between single mode fiber to multimode fiber at 10G
speeds can be used for expanding, extending, and upgrading the existing
Ethernet networks in both Telecom and Enterprise applications where 10 Gigabit
media conversion and fiber extension are required.

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