UBBF 2022 Intelligent Cloud-Network Summit shares innovative commercial cases for CSPs

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As the world awaits the next wave of industry digital transformation driven by trends like metaverse, Industrial IoT (IIoT), and intelligent cloud, communications service providers (CSPs) need to reinvent the data communications network architecture to gain from the opportunities arising from these trends.

The recently concluded Intelligent Cloud-Network Forum themed, “Continuously Innovate Intelligent Cloud-Networks, Stride towards Net5.5G,” Bangkok, Thailand, deliberated on the latest development trends of the data communications industry and shared innovative commercial cases in scenarios such as converged data communications network, intelligent cloud-network, data center network, and enterprise campus network.

Organized as part of the 8th Ultra-Broadband Forum (UBBF 2022), the Intelligent Cloud-Network Forum gathered representatives from leading carriers and renowned research organizations around the world. The event also witnessed the release of a whitepaper titled, Research on the Trends of Data Communication Network for 2030 (Net 5.5G whitepaper) prepared by Omdia, in association with a number of carriers, universities, research councils and equipment vendors.

According to Omdia, Net 5.5G defines the evolution of network infrastructure in the era of ubiquitous computing, 5.5G mobile networks, and all-industry digitalization. It is characterized by advancements like the convergence of computing and networks, improved 5.5G bearer networks, as well as intelligent internet and inter-sensing of everything. With the E2E IPv6 Enhanced technology as the fundamental innovation, Net5.5G realizes the deployment of WiFi 7, E2E 800GE, deterministic networking and application/computing-aware network, and an intelligent network infrastructure that connects the physical and digital spaces toward 2030.

The three fundamental catalytic driving forces in the network evolution to Net5.5G are as follows:

  • AI-driven evolution of unified networking for computing and storage resources
  • Demand for network bandwidth upgrade driven by Metaverse
  • Industrial digital transformation

As the latest generation of data communication network technology, Net5.5G will open the door to the intelligent world and connect the physical and virtual worlds, said Ian Redpath, Research Director at Omdia at the Forum.

Looking ahead, the IP transport network, data center network, and enterprise campus network scenarios will stride to Net5.5G, Ian Redpath said.

The research highlights that Net5.5G innovation capabilities span from internet of everything to intelligent internet of everything, which proposes several innovations around the IPv6 standards that extend internet network infrastructure from “consumer internet” to “all-industry and all-factor industrial internet. Evolving technology capabilities and upscaling internet data infrastructure will open the doors to an intelligent world in 2030.

The main characteristics of Net 5.5G technology are capabilities supporting diverse application scenarios and requirements across different enterprise networks in 2030. The diversification and magnitude of network service requirements from 2025 onward will create substantial new market potential, requiring robust data communications network infrastructure, according to Omdia research.

Leading operators across the world are ramping up their data communications infrastructure to prepare for the evolution of networks in the 5.5 era.

Zain KSA, the first service provider to launch 5G in KSA, has built a converged transport network oriented to 2C, 2H and 2B, said Majed Abdullah Alkhaldi, Zain’s Optimization General Manager, while addressing the audience at the Cloud-Network Forum. According to him, service development poses three major challenges to the transport network: stricter SLA, more complex OAM, and higher bandwidth demand. In response, the transport network must be simplified, intelligent, and ultra-broadband, as well as capable of evolving to 5.5G, Zain official added.

Telekom Malaysia (TM), the country’s largest provider of broadband, data, fixed-line phone, pay-TV, and network services, launched the “New TM” transformation plan in 2020, focusing on superior connectivity, excellent solutions, and ultimate customer experience.

Mohamad Ansahari Bin Abdul Kudus, Vice President of Network Roll-Out & Operations, TM, said, “In helping enterprises achieve digital transformation, TM has maintained a close and long-term relationship with partners in the healthcare ecosystem by leveraging the newly built NGT network and also the existing TM Cloud Alpha platform. TM is committed to becoming a central part of the ecosystem.”

True Online, a fixed broadband convergence carrier, and the No.1 broadband service provider in Thailand, emphasized that network speeds, content customization, and massive connections are the main characteristics of service digital transformation.

Phongsira Prungsin, Acting Director and Head of Commercial for True Online, True Corporation, revealed that building data center networks with ultra-large bandwidth and automated deployment is True’s top priority. He also shared True’s experience in building an ultra-broadband and intelligent data center network.

UBBF was jointly hosted by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and Huawei.

Zuo Meng, Vice President of Huawei Data Communication Product Line, said Huawei is committed to launch new products and solutions to meet customer requirements of the Net 5.5G era. In his speech entitled “Continuously Innovating Intelligent Cloud-Network, Striding to Net5.5G,” Zuo Meng highlighted three innovative business solutions from Huawei that help carriers extend service capabilities based on private line and significantly expand their B2B revenue streams. They are: IP Private Line + Premium, IP Private Line + Security, and IP Private Line + Campus.

Huawei also announced an upgraded version of the basic network solutions. The Converged IP Network Solution now incorporates the NetEngine 8000 F8, an innovative router positioned to carry multiple CO services and enhance multi-service aggregation capabilities. The other solution is the Converged DCN Solution, which unifies the DCN architecture, significantly reducing customers’ TCO.

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