UNH in pact with TraceSpan to offer GPON conformance testing

By Telecom
Lead Team:
UNH-IOL laboratory and TraceSpan Communications, a provider of
broadband analysis and monitoring solutions, announced their partnership for
GPON interoperability and conformance testing.


labs will build a GPON test environment using TraceSpan’s GPON Xpert analyzer.
This test environment will allow them to perform extensive GPON testing,
including among others interoperability testing according the BBF WT-255 test


a neutral third-party laboratory is dedicated to testing data networking
technologies through industry collaboration.


“We are
confident that we will add significant value to UNH-IOL and their customers by
providing comprehensive standard-compliant GPON testing solutions. UNH-IOL’s
decision confirmed again that our solutions are the best ones out there,”
said Hanan Herzberg, TraceSpan founder and CEO of TraceSpan Communications.


GPON Xpert
analyzer will provide UNH-IOL and its customers with full visibility to the
content of all the protocols and layers on the GPON network, including MAC and
OMCI layers, as well as the user traffic on the GPON network in protocol layers
such as Ethernet, PPP, PPPoE, IPv4, IPv6, TCP, IGMP and HTTP.


GPON Xpert
analyzer’s sophisticated Validation Testing mechanism will allow UNH-IOL to
provide go/no-go indications about compliance with the test cases, as well as
with other user-defined test cases.


UNH-IOL expands its GPON testing activities, we identified the need for a GPON
analyzer as a major building block for our test environment. As a
world-recognized test lab, an architect of the BBF WT-255 Interoperability Test
Plan and a leading contributor to the BBF.247 conformance test plan, we are
committed to creating the best GPON testing environment possible,”
said Lincoln Lavoie, UNH-IOL Senior Engineer at Broadband Technologies.


Earlier, TraceSpan Communications announced the release of G.INP support for its VDSL Xpert

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