UTStarcom wins 2 IPTV network expansion contracts from China Telecom

Telecom Lead Team:
UTStarcom Holdings has won two new contracts to support IPTV
network expansion with Fujian Telecom and Zhejiang Telecom, provincial
subsidiaries of China Telecom.


part of the Zhejiang Telecom contract, UTStarcom will build new IPTV 2.0
platforms in two Zhejiang cities, Wenzhou and Taizhou.


company will expand Fujian and Zhejiang Telecom’s simultaneous network
capacities and storage capacities for their IPTV systems. Currently, UTStarcom
serves nearly one million IPTV users in Fujian and approximately 650,000 IPTV
users in Zhejiang.


will continue to execute against our growth strategy of serving China’s
telecommunications and cable customers in tandem. We are confident our IPTV
platform will provide a solid foundation for the large scale deployment of
China Telecom’s IPTV 3.0 standard and better server the newly announced 42
three network convergence trial cities in 2012,” said UTStarcom
President and CEO Jack Lu.


IPTV broadcasting control platform can support the content distribution
functions of IPTV, iDTV and Internet TV in a secure environment. In 2010, the
company built six IPTV broadcast control platforms, one in each of Sichuan,
Shenzhen, Beijing, Hubei, Hunan and Shandong which were successfully connected
with the central-level platform.


is a provider of interactive, IP-based network solutions in iDTV, IPTV,
Internet TV and broadband for cable and telecom operators.


Recently, UTStarcom received a provincial level contract
from Zhejiang Radio, Film, and TV Bureau to build the largest integrated IPTV
broadcasting control platform in China.


UTStarcom to build integrated IPTV broadcasting control
platform in Zhejiang


The platform has the capacity to serve approximately two
million households across Zhejiang province. Since 2010, UTStarcom has built
seven IPTV broadcast control platforms across China, specifically in Beijing,
Hubei, Hunan, Shandong, Shenzhen, Sichuan, and Tianjin.


UTStarcom will deliver a packaged solution that includes
software and infrastructure development, as well as content delivery network
(CDN) support.


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