Verizon selects Calix to start NG-PON2 deployments

tablet user from VerizonCalix announced that US-based telecom operator Verizon has selected the AXOS E9-2 Intelligent Edge System to start NG-PON2 deployments in the first quarter of 2018.

The American telecom giant will be investing in NG-PON2 deployments, starting in Tampa, Florida and expanding into other telecom markets.

Verizon, which has earlier revealed its nearly $18 billion Capex plan for 2018, will deploy AXOS RPm (Routing Protocol module for Layer 3) and the AXOS SMm (Subscriber Management module for disaggregated Broadband Network Gateway).

Verizon will deploy a single access network for residential, business, and mobile services by leveraging a converged services platform. Verizon will use NG-PON2 technology to reduce network operating complexity and costs while enabling the company to deploy new services with speed.

Verizon’s investment strategy is to ensure better network to meet customers’ demands for bandwidth and higher throughput.

Verizon realized that the single wavelength systems such as 10G EPON and XGS-PON were only possible interim solutions.

“NG-PON2 platform will meet the customers’ needs for the next decade or more given its many evolution paths as well as bringing many operational benefits to simplify the network,” said Vincent O’Byrne, director of technology planning at Verizon.

Investment in NG-PON2 will support Verizon to converge its many service networks into a single unified intelligent network, and simplify operating model by integrating the OLT and subscriber management system.

The other aim of Verizon was to cut the time it takes to deploy new services. “The best way to achieve these goals is through leveraging breakthrough technologies like NG-PON2 and the automation of manual functions across the network,” said Lee Hicks, vice-president of technology at Verizon.

The AXOS E9-2 Intelligent Edge System now delivers on the promise of software defined, converged networks. By consolidating the subscriber management, aggregation, and optical line terminal (OLT) functions into a single point in the network, Verizon will realize significant operations expense reductions with fewer network elements while dramatically improving their ability to automate the network.

Carl Russo, president and CEO of Calix, said: “AXOS allows a service provider to deliver all services on a single, elastic, converged access network that is always on.”

AXOS provides the flexibility to move intelligence deep into the access network, close to the subscriber where it makes architectural and financial sense.