Vi Collaborates with Anritsu to Elevate VoLTE Experience for Customers

Vi, a leading telecom operator in India, has forged a strategic partnership with Anritsu to revolutionize the Voice over LTE (VoLTE) experience for its customers across the country. Recognizing the paramount importance of maintaining top-tier voice services, Vi has integrated Anritsu’s VoLTE monitoring solution to deliver a seamless and enhanced calling experience.
Vi 5G businessThe collaboration aims to achieve several pivotal objectives:

Superior VoLTE Experience: Vi customers can benefit from faster call connectivity and crystal-clear sound quality, ensuring an unparalleled calling experience.

Efficiency Enhancement: Anritsu’s VoLTE monitoring solution enables rapid detection and demarcation of service issues, significantly improving operational efficiency.

Comprehensive Insights: Vi, the third largest telecoms in India, gains an enhanced view of VoLTE service-specific insights, facilitating the prioritization of issue resolution based on subscriber impact and severity.

VoLTE, with its intricate architecture and multiple nodes, poses challenges in identifying and isolating customer-affecting issues through traditional Operational Support Systems (OSS).

Anritsu’s solution provides unparalleled visibility across various VoLTE dimensions, including subscribers, devices, network nodes, codecs, and cell IDs. This accelerates the identification and resolution of VoLTE issues affecting customers, such as muted calls and dropped words, which were previously undetectable through conventional OSS systems.

Leveraging Anritsu’s patented anomaly detection on VoLTE, Vi has achieved a remarkable 30 percent reduction in the mean time to resolution of issues. Real-time detection of these issues plays a pivotal role in enhancing the subscriber experience on VoLTE.

The root causes of these issues are swiftly isolated and channeled to the relevant teams with actionable intelligence. Anritsu’s suite of cloud-first applications, including eoMind anomaly detection, deployed in Vi’s Open Universal Hybrid Cloud, has contributed significantly to cost savings in capital expenditure, operational expenditure, resources, and automation investments.

Jagbir Singh, Chief Technology Officer at Vi (Vodafone Idea), emphasized, “Real-time anomaly detection across our VoLTE services empowers us to proactively identify, isolate, and diagnose customer-impacting issues. The solution, widely embraced by our Operations team, has significantly enhanced the VoLTE experience for our customers. Our collaboration with Anritsu has brought exceptional benefits to our subscribers, and we aim to extend this success to elevate other services, such as International Roaming.”

Ralf Iding, CEO of Anritsu Service Assurance, highlighted Anritsu’s market-leading machine learning-based solution, which leverages closed-loop automation and provides comprehensive end-to-end VoLTE visualization, aligning seamlessly with Vi’s business objectives.