Virgin Media O2 upgrades IP core backbone network with Juniper

Juniper Networks announced that Virgin Media O2, a leading fixed and mobile service provider with 50 million connections, has upgraded its IP core backbone network with Juniper – capable of supporting 800G.
Virgin Media and O2Virgin Media O2 has selected Juniper Networks to build a network that is 400G-enabled and 800G-ready to create a near future-proofed digital foundation for its customers.

A significant factor in the selection of Juniper’s ability to deliver compelling economics for Virgin Media O2. These include long-term investment protection through continuous custom silicon innovation by keeping pace with market demands, the planned use of automation tools to help reduce operational costs and a favorable Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with a reduced energy consumption design.

In the past year, Virgin Media O2 has seen 32 percent traffic growth on its mobile network, 16 percent growth in broadband data downloads and a peak traffic load of 22TB, underlining the need for increased data capacity and flexible scalability

Virgin Media O2 has migrated all core traffic in its six backbone locations across the UK with Juniper Networks PTX10008 Packet Transport Routers, which are purpose-built to deliver cloud-optimized network transformation at scale and with operational flexibility

The PTX10008 routers deliver reduced resource consumption as a result of inherently-sustainable design features, including front-to-back cooling, flexible power supplies that can use either high- or low-power modes and high-density port capability that enables optimized throughput in a compact form factor

Scalable, secure 400G capability is achieved through ultra-high port density, native inline MACSec encryption on all ports, coupled with the latest generation of ASIC innovation that powers a range of line cards.

PTX10008 routers support 400G coherent optical transceivers (400G ZR and ZR+) without any density loss today, and are 800G-capable with upgradeability to 800G in the future with silicon innovation and easily-exchanged line cards in the chassis.

Virgin Media O2’s infrastructure will be underpinned by Juniper’s single operating system, Junos OS Evolved. This will provide ongoing continuity for streamlined operations.

“Virgin Media O2’s stated ambition is to ‘upgrade the UK’, providing fast, seamless broadband access and mobile services to as many homes and businesses as possible. This calls for responsible, strategic innovation and investment to create an agile network infrastructure,” Jeanie York, Chief Technology Officer of Virgin Media O2, said in a news statement.